– Calculate your insurance premiums under Obamacare

Whether you call the new healthcare law Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act, one thing is certain. We are all talking about it.  We may disagree about the pros and cons of the law but it’s almost certain to impact us all.

We had questions about the law ourselves and set out to fully understand the significance of it.  What we found out was that there is a lot of incorrect information being spewed as gospel from TV talking heads, bloggers, and columnists.

So we wanted to help.  The result of our efforts is allows users to easily determine what their insurance acaChoicesScreenpremiums would be under the new law.  It calculates any government subsidies that apply and provide the user a selection of Insurance Plans that fit his or her requirements. It also provides details of the plans including hospital and doctor visit co-pays as well as co-pays for your prescription drugs.

We are also hoping to connect the site to insurance agents and brokers who can help customers answer questions and even sign up for their choice of plans.

If you are an insurance agent or broker and you are interested in seeing how can help drive business your way, visit or email us at